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October 6, 2010
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Written By: Ran Uzumaki (Emo-Ki)
Warning: Violence and Xenophilia
Pairing: Zim x Dib
Disclaimer: Invader Zim is owned by Jhonen Vasquez


The next night Dib is waiting for him on the curb. Zim knows instinctively that its him the small human is waiting for. "Good evening, Dib." Dib looks up and grins at Zim, who isn't expecting that kind of response. He watches the boys hands twitch in his lap. Dib wastes no time in standing and walking a few paces away, waiting for Zim to come along. Its amusing. "Zim is taking a different route today."

"Where are we going?" Dib asks, bounding in the other direction. Zim's smile fades at Dib's question. Dib squints up at Zim through his eye shields. "What?" Suddenly Dib scrambles back from Zim, his eyes wide. Zim stares down at him, confused as to what caused that reaction. "Are you dong it tonight?" Oh. Zim shakes his head. The second he does Dib runs back over to him, smiling once more. "Do you know when you will?"

Zim nods. "A few weeks." He replies. If Dib wanted one, Zim could even give him an exact day. He notices that Dib's skin, already pale white, gets paler. Zim begins to head back the way he came, this time the glowing shape of a human beside him. He spent most of the day working on a new Dooms Day device that is going to obliterate this planet when activated. Before that Tallest Miyuki will have to tell him whether or not they are saving the humans for anything. He thinks that she will agree with him about saving them, just because it's a good monies maker.

"I don't know how to stop you." Its quietly admitted. Zim stifles a yawn. He's tired. Something about this planet just wears him out. Maybe its because he doesn't want to deal with Dib's mental probing and the recent discovery of Tallest Miyuki's…issues. He gives a thoughtful noise in his throat.

"I wouldn't recommend trying." Zim advises the human. They pass his base but Zim makes no indication that its anything other than a house so Dib doesn't pick it out either. Rather than see it, Zim's lekku feel Dib shaking his head. Once more he baits and Dib bites.

"What would that make me if I didn't try? I wouldn't be a protector. I would be just like everyone else. I would be a coward." Zim glances down at Dib then adverts his eyes back to the path in front of them. He remains silent at that because he knows that he would do the same if they were in reversed places. Only he would have already tried to kill the alien walking beside him, had their positions been reversed. Zim is getting more tired.

"You're right. You would be a coward like everyone else." Zim agrees with him as he looks for a place to at least sit down. They are by a place with metal bars and chains everywhere, sand at the bottom of the slightly indented pit. Scattered about are a few benches and lamp posts. "But here you are, Dib, wasting my time. Time Zim could be using to take over this planet." He veers off to find somewhere just outside the light where he can sit. It's the ground but Zim doesn't care as he sits on green grass and leans against a tree. Dib comes to sit beside him.

In this lighting Zim can see much better. Dib. "What are these?" he asks, tapping the eye shields with a claw. Dib's eyes go crossed and he takes the eye shields off. Zim looks into the human's eyes and finds that they are strange. Very strange. Mostly they are white, but in the center is a ring of amber and inside that is a large black dot. "Are all human eyes like this?"

Dib rubs the eye shields against his shirt then puts them back on. "They're my glasses. I need them to see." He explains. Such a pity that the humans are born so defective. But that's what happens with the natural breeding process. "The colors are different, but yeah, humans have eyes the same. Except blind people. Their eyes are white all over." Zim nods as Dib speaks, barely taking the information in. Now that he's comfortable Zim feels like he could just fall asleep right here. He allows his eyes to slip closed half way. "You have green skin. That's so stereotypical." Zim isn't educated much in the Earth ways so he doesn't comment. "Aaannnddd…" the word is drawn out.  He senses Dib get closer and his lekku twitch. "Red eyes?"

Zim shakes his head. "They are between red and pink." He corrects. The unusual eye color is one of many things that Zim has always prided himself on. This is nice, he decides. As nice as it can get on an enemy planet miles away from home and with a small black and glow shape following him around.

"What are these?" Zim stiffens. Electricity runs down his lekku to his spine and all the way to his toes. In its wake it leaves a warmth Zim has never felt before. The small fingers stroke the feathery tip, sending even more warm energy through his body. It feels like he's melting. Never has Zim felt so vulnerable and he never thought he would feel ok with that. But here he is being stroked by an alien on an enemy planet something, something, something…His brain is kind of starting to get fuzzy, thoughts not coming very clearly at all. "Zim?"

The fingers are relentless, unmerciful, stroking from base to tip and twirling them at the end only to start the mind-numbing process all over again. It feels good. It feels better than good. Upon hearing his name Zim tries to mumble a response but the sound that comes out is far too throaty to actually be words in either language. He pulls the thing torturing him onto his lap, wanting it impossibly close. "Z-Zim?" Zim gives a throaty incoherent reply, inclining his head as the one in his lap rests against his chest.  

It's over all too soon. The small hand retreats apparently having had its fill. For a few moments Zim's brain is still scrambled so he is just content to sit there with his long arms wrapped around the small form on his lap. "Hey Zim why don't you have a heartbeat?" Zim sighs as his mind reorganizes. That felt good, Zim decides as an aftershock causes him to shiver. But good is so against protocol. He rests his chin on Dib's furry head while he thinks of an answer.

Finally Zim comes up with something that should satisfy the boy. "Zim has different organs than you." Well, it's more like they have a bunch of small organs all over the place while Zim has one big one, but that's close enough. Humans really are useless. They obviously haven't evolved very much and if they have then Zim would hate to see what they looked like in the past.

Dib gives a small "oh" of acknowledgement then falls silent. Speaking of being against protocol what is he going to do when he has to send the recording his Pak made? Zim does not want Tallest Miyuki to see what he let a human do to him. Usually only if you are a mate of someone do you do that, but as it is Zim was somewhat unprepared for that. Zim sighs again, not quite able to regret this yet.  Maybe later when he has more time to think about it he will.

They rest under the tree in the place with metal and sand until the predawn cold seeps into Zim's bones. Dib is curled up on his lap, head buried in the shirt against Zim's chest, and eyes closed. Judging by his easy, even breathing Zim guesses that he's asleep. Suddenly Dib shivers and scoots closer to Zim, as if that's possible. Zim runs a clawed hand through the human's soft hair. At least it's well taken care of; Zim hates filthy things and it would be a shame if this human was as disgusting as the rest of this planet. He considers waking Dib but at the thought of being asked half a million questions, decides against it. Instead Zim cradles the human to his chest, slipping one arm underneath its knees and the other against its back. His body creaks and pops in protest to moving when he gets up, but Zim ignores his miniscule discomfort.

Zim is glad to see that at this hour most of the humans are still asleep or have yet to leave their housing units. When they reach the house with the electric field Zim is torn between just leaving Dib here, in front, or putting him inside it. Zim has found that when sneaking out its wise to not fall asleep and get carried home by an alien. Mostly because on Irk they would drag him unconscious back to Tallest Miyuki. Irken are such a kind race, Zim thinks sarcastically. Truth be told Zim wouldn't have it any other way. He prides himself for being one of the merciless Irken the universe fears.

Yet here he is, returning some helpless creature to its den. It would be better to kill Dib now; at least he wouldn't have to deal with failure on top of death. Using his spiderlegs Zim climbs up the side of the house and slips in through the window. Zim finds himself standing on a small bed in a small room. Despite the size of the room there is a lot of stuff in it; computers, hard drives, monitors, space posters, books on various creatures, models of aliens, a few circular disks with monsters on one surface, clothes, papers, sticky notes, and the one strange plush creature with beady eyes that appear to follow Zim around the room. A small hand pad leads to…somewhere. "Wow." Its messy, dark, and completely lived in. To Zim it appears that the boy lives here, probably never really leaving his room when he's home. Zim fights the urge to clean the mess and organize.

Something pounds on the door. Zim sets the boy down and slips out the window just as the door opens. "So you're actually here this morning." Zim can honestly say he has never heard a voice with so much undisguised hatred in it. A startled sleep noise comes from Dib. He would be startled to wake up to that voice too. "Out playing with Zim again?" the words are sarcastic. Zim freezes.

"Gaz!" Dib sounds scared and eager at the same time, what a unique combination. So the first voice belongs to the fabled Gaz, sadistic little sister of Dib. "How did I get here?" Did Dib tell Gaz about him or did the human female see them? Either way Gaz wouldn't know his name so it must have been Dib who told her. "W-we fell asleep in the park." Zim waits for a response from this Gaz thing before he gets out of there.

"Whatever, Dib. Let's get to skool." Zim sighs, relived that she doesn't believe her brother. Then he feels something, a sort of sympathy for Dib. What must it be like when no one will listen to you and believe you? If the girl was smart she would look out his window. No, she wouldn't even if she was smart because Zim can tell she hates to be in the same room as him and would never willingly get close to Dib. "I am not going to be late because of you." So much hate in such a young being. She would make a good Irken. Too bad this Gaz thing isn't an Irken, but a feeble human.

Oh well. Time to get back to the base. He's spent too much time out here as it is. At his base he downloads the video in his Pak. On the way here he decided that he's going to do some video editing, just enough to cut out the scene with Dib. Zim gives a thoughtful noise. Maybe most of last night should be cropped out. In the end he decides against it, only cropping the part where Dib abused his poor Lekku. And Zim can't even think that without feeling a phantom touch. "Enough." He criticizes himself out loud. Stupid Dib, doesn't the human know better than to go around touching other people's antennae? "What are these?" Clearly he doesn't.

When the video he is going to send is edited to Zim's satisfaction he calls Tallest Miyuki, knowing that she will want to talk to him after two weeks of not hearing from him on her end. He wonders how much she misses him. The transmission is answered. "Zim." His name is said slightly more warmly than he cares to hear from her. "I trust you have good news?" Tallest Miyuki looks radiant. Her blue eyes shine with a pleasure he hasn't seen in a long time and her Tallest robes are adorned with some sort of jewels. She wears a headdress with matching jewels on her green skull. From her long curled Lekku hang golden pearls.

"My Tallest." Zim breathes. She has never looked so beautiful. Tallest Miyuki gives him a questioning look that has Zim clearing his throat. "Zim has learned much about this planet. The planet itself is useless; the human's technology is pathetic. Irken Smeets play with more advanced technology." This brings a slight frown to her perfect face. "I am halfway through building the machine that will wipe out every living organism on this planet so coming to a decision about what to do with its inhabitants is of upmost urgency."

A small whimper draws Zim's attention to just behind Miyuki. She appears distracted too, looking back at the source of the noise. What Zim sees worries him more than before, more than Tallest Miyuki's need to have him back. Sitting on the floor a few paces away is an Irken, an unusually tall Irken and although it's hunched up Zim can tell it's almost as tall as he is. The Irk has small, small green eyes, one of which is stretched out across the ground towards where Tallest Miyuki stands. Pink rolls down its cheek, drips onto its dark blue uniform where its hands rest. The straight antennae are flattened against its skull, its features twisted into a pained expression. "Spork." Zim watches his Tallest turn and pick up the eye. A hiss of pain comes from the Irk on the floor. "This is Zim. Even when tortured Zim never made so much as a peep."

Zim suddenly realizes exactly why this broken Irken is on the floor beside his Tallest. His face goes expressionless. Jealousy flares up inside him. This is his replacement. Zim looks at Spork and tries to hide his disgust for the Irk. He surely isn't worth much, isn't like Zim at all. Anyone can see that. What is Miyuki thinking? Zim didn't think she was this bad. Never before had a Tallest taken in an Irken, not until Miyuki took in Zim. And now that Zim is off on a mission she has Spork. Even his name is stupid. Miyuki and Zim sounds much better than Miyuki and Spork. With his good eye Spork looks at Zim and blinks slowly. A smile spreads out across his face. "Hi Zim." Zim doesn't respond. It feels like a taunt, like this lower Irken is showing off his relationship with Tallest Miyuki. Never before has Zim ever wanted to kill something so badly.

Miyuki drops the eye beside its owner then turns back to Zim. "That is good news. Is there anything else?" She asks. He wonders how long she's had Spork, how long she's been playing with him. Is this punishment to Zim or is she too dependent on other Irken now? The punishment Zim can deal with, he understands it. She never wanted to let him go in the first place. But if she's become too dependent on having an assistant then Miyuki shouldn't be Tallest anymore. It pains him to think that.

"Only information, my Tallest." With that Zim sends all of his information to the Massive. He doesn't want Spork to see or hear it but there is nothing he can do about that, he is her new 'pet' after all. Tallest Miyuki scans it, nodding and making thoughtful noises as she does so. Finally she smiles. An Irken in medical uniform comes into the room. Silently Zim watches as he asks for her arm. She obliges with a slight smile on her face. "My Tallest?" Zim asks. Is she sick? That would explain so much. "Are you in good health?"

Her smile broadens one more. "Yes, Zim." Zim watches as the medical Irken takes out another syringe and unkindly stabs Spork with it. That would have made him feel better if it wasn't for the fact that Miyuki got it done too. Pink blood pours into the needle and the Irk on the ground pales further. "You're curious. I can see it in your eyes. I may as well tell you now." Zim feels very nervous about this and usually Zim doesn't get nervous. About anything. "I've given them my DNA," Her blue eyes cast downwards to her arm where the tiny hole is already closed up. "So they can make a Smeet with it."

"Y-you're going to be a parent, Tallest Miyuki?" Zim doesn't even try to hide the shock in his voice. His Tallest is going to have small, soon-to-be-tall, Smeets running around with her DNA in them. How many will they make? What will these Smeets be like? Will they be wise and beautiful like their mother or will they be…"Who is the other Irken giving its DNA?" But Zim already knows the answer; he watched them take its blood. Tallest Miyuki doesn't bother answering because realization is written all over his face. So Spork isn't just a replacement, he's more to her than Zim was…is. "C-congratulations, my Tallest."

Despite his words Zim pales. His Lekku are pressed against his skull and behind his back his hands are clenched into fists. This is huge news. She has to be out of her mind. Maybe he should forget the mission and come home now, she obviously needs help. Tallest Miyuki studies him for a moment before murmuring, "Are you disappointed?"

"M-my Tallest?" Why would he be disappointed? Zim is only a nobody she took in out of training. He has only been by her side since he was 20 years old. He has only put all of his goals and desires in life aside for her. Zim has only gone through agony for her. Zim has only done everything she's ever asked him to with no questions asked, ever, even though at the same time he gave her a few helpful tips and hints. He's only clearly better than Spork, even to the point where he has a better fashion sense.  Nope. Zim isn't disappointed. Not. At. All.

She gives him a look that borders on pity. How dare she pity Zim?! "That it wasn't you." She doesn't have to elaborate anymore than that; Zim understands what she means. Tallest Miyuki is asking Zim if he wanted to be the one to make a Smeet with her. Before this he would have, had she asked him to, but now…He doesn't know.

Zim lets his eyes fall back to Spork. "No offense, my Tallest, but Zim is better than that." Referring to Spork, still sitting pitifully bleeding all over Tallest Miyuki's floor. He had better have the sense to clean that up or she will get angry and maybe his other eye will take a vacation from its socket. Tallest Miyuki smiles at Zim. He thinks it's supposed to be warm and comforting but Zim just feels creeped out and cold.

"Zim…did you know that in order to grow tall, you must have Tallest blood in your veins?" Zim hasn't given much thought on the subject, he's always just been grateful that he is tall. He supposes that since he is so tall he has Tallest blood in his veins. He really hopes she doesn't tell him that she's related to him in some way. That would be the icing on this messed up cake. This has got to be the worst cake Zim has ever been presented. "Had you been here I would have probably used your DNA to complete the sequence." So this is punishment. "Since you were gone I decided to use Spork here. He too, has Tallest blood."

But he will never be Tallest. Zim senses this more than anything. He also senses that Tallest Miyuki is different. It distresses him so much because she was fine before he left but now she's so…wrong. "I understand." He replies because there is nothing left to say. His Tallest has betrayed him, although Zim isn't quite sure how yet she has betrayed him. It hurts worse than being tortured for hours, days.

"Is there anything else?" she asks, continuing their earlier conversation. Zim mutely shakes his head. "I look forward to when you return, Zim." When he does her Smeets will be there to meet him. His eyes wander back to the bleeding Irk. Their Smeets, he corrects himself. When Smeets are born they are assigned to a household of two Irken depending on their status to be raised until they can do whatever it is they are programmed to do. Most Smeets never know the two Irken who gave their DNA to create that Smeet. Tallest Smeets are different, they are raised as Zim was; with the Tallest, by the Tallest.

The transmission ends there. Zim stands still staring at the blank monitor. Maybe he'll go see Dib at this Skool thing.
We are going to get into Zim's parentage. As in, whos DNA went to create Zim. O.o So there will be OCs! Get over it. And...a few other surprises here and there. :XD: Ha! Did you guys expect this? I sure didn't...

Tallest Miyuki's looks when she answers Zim's transmission is based off of this: [link]

I have zero intentions of stopping this one. Although, while browsing fanart I got some really good ideas for fics...^^;

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Sad poor Zimmy hee hee they were so cute in the park :giggle: i cant wait for more :D
Momma-Ran Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome, i'm loving it!! Can't wait for the next update.
Momma-Ran Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you like it. :) I'm working on chapter 5 as we speak.
I'm so excited *squeee, can't wait to see what Dibbers is like at school.
Momma-Ran Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
lol And its up! Dibbers is such a cute nickname. :heart:
Tallest-Ariva Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw... Poor Zim. :( And Miyuki, really. I hope he can get back to her soon. But I don't want him to destroy Earth either. The conflict! :ohnoes:
Momma-Ran Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Haha I agree with poor Zim. Miyuki just seems to be doing it to make Zim mad. O.o Its working! Haha Conflict is a good part of stories. It comes right after the exposition and right before the rising action (wow I feel like a dork for knowing that).
Tallest-Ariva Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel like a nerd for remembering all that from my middle school Language Arts days. O_o But yes, conflict is good. Always fun to have. :D
Momma-Ran Oct 6, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Haha We went over it last year. That was a waste of my life.
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