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October 9, 2010
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Written By: Ran Uzumaki (Emo-Ki)
Warning: Violence and Xenophilia
Pairing: Zim x Dib
Disclaimer: Invader Zim is owned by Jhonen Vasquez


"Is Zim there? Hello? Zim!" Zim groans, his body is stiff and heavy. Who the Tallest is calling at this hour? "Zim! Zim! Hello? Zim!?" What is this hour? Zim looks down to see Dib laying on him, fast asleep. Doesn't the human know better than to fall asleep on someone who is going to kill you? Wait. No. Zim is Dib's master now. He slips out from under the human, careful not to let its head bang onto the ground.

Upon standing blackness blocks out his vision as dizziness overtakes him. "Zim is here." He says to the unknown speaker. It takes a moment for his vision to come back and when it does he's surprised to see Tenn standing on the other side of the monitor where Tallest Miyuki usually is. "Where is Tallest Miyuki?" His spooch tells him that something is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Tenn's antennae tremble and her wide pink eyes get wider. "Tallest Miyuki is dead!" Zim deadpans. It feels like something has just…broken…but when he looks down everything is in order. "Zim you have to come back to Irk now!" Tallest Miyuki is…dead? That's impossible. Zim was just standing here talking to her a few hours ago. "Zim, you're going to be the next Tallest!" That snaps Zim out of it.

"I'll be there shortly." He replies, going into business mode. There is no time for feelings right now. No time to laugh or mourn, because right now Zim feels like doing both. Tenn nods and Zim cuts off the transmission. "I knew something was wrong with you." He whispers to the dead Tallest even though he knows she's too far away to hear.

"Something wrong with who?" Zim whips around to see Dib, standing up and rubbing one eye with a small fist. The human yawns, showing off that little pink tongue and those needle-like teeth. Before he can leave Zim has to get rid of the human. Earth will be neither taken over nor destroyed. At least not for a while. He takes Dib's free hand and pulls him through the lab to the elevator. "Zim?"

"Zim must leave now. I don't know when I'll be back." The elevator seems to go faster today than normal. He kneels in font of Dib, taking the boy's cheeks in his gloved hands. "I will be back, Dib. I promise. So be a good human while I'm gone."

"I don't understand. Where are you going? What about Earth?" They come to a stop and Zim pulls Dib out of the elevator. The boy stumbles behind him, barely able to keep up with Zim's long strides. Zim will take Dib home, back to that house with the electrical field, and then he will leave. On the way out the door he grabs his wig and contacts, putting them on quickly and never letting go of Dib's hand.

Zim rushes quickly through the explanation. "Tallest Miyuki is dead. And as the currently tallest Irken on Irk, Zim is going to be the next Tallest." They are about half way there by now and Dib is running to keep up with Zim's fast-paced walk. "I was going to leave in three days. Then after the device is done. Then after Tallest Miyuki came." He glances down at a very confused Dib. "Every time I was going to take you with me. If I told them you are my slave they would let you come with me and no one would hurt you. But I can't take you with me."

"Y-you were going to take me with you? Into space? To your planet?" Dib sounds shocked, scared, and excited. At the same time he sounds disappointed and relieved. So many conflicting emotions in the human's voice alone. They come to a stop in front of the house with the electric field around the yard. Dib looks like his eyes are going to leak again.

"Zim will be back for you." Yes, if there is even one reason Zim comes back to Earth it will be for Dib. "Don't do anything stupid like get yourself killed." Dib sniffles but doesn't answer. "I expect you to be here when I get back, ok?" Zim can see it in his eyes, I don't want you to leave, but Dib's only response is a nod of the head. Using his spiderlegs Zim takes Dib to his room. He sets the human on his bed, gives the mock-lekku one last stroke, and then leaves out the window.

"Bye Zim." Bye, Dib. Is this fair of me, Zim wonders. He instantly tenses up. Zim shouldn't even be thinking about fair. It doesn't matter what fair is because Dib is dead. Dib is a dead man. To make up for lost time Zim uses his spiderlegs to get back to the base. Quickly Zim shuts down everything, locking his base up so that it looks like a normal Earthling house. No one will touch it, either, because when they come near it they will forget why they wanted to be there. Even Dib. Zim sighs as he readies the teleporter; no time to fly across manually.

He gracefully steps out onto the Massive. Irken are running everywhere, doing everything. Its complete and utter chaos. Zim has never seen a Tallest die before but if this is what it was like when Tallest Miyuki took the job then he feels for her. "Stop." Zim doesn't raise his voice and maybe that's why they heard him, but either way everyone freezes. "Let me see her." Tenn runs up, her curled antennae pressed flat against her green skull.

"This way, sir." She doesn't seem to know what to call him. He follows her down a hallway to Tallest Miyuki's room. Zim has been here many times and it hasn't changed at all…except for Tallest Miyuki lying on the bed rather than pacing restlessly. He went to her side instantly. Just by looking at her Zim can tell that she is dead. Everything he cared about is dead and Zim feels nothing for her. Strange. Maybe it's because she's the reason for his misery.

"I must speak with the Control Brains." With that Zim turns and leaves; speed walking through the hallways of the Massive. "Set a course for Irk." Zim stands where Tallest Miyuki usually does. Except she will never stand here again. A fleeting image of someone holding Tallest Miyuki's body up with strings goes through his mind but is gone in an instant.

"Yes, Zim." Skoodge replies. Zim doesn't bother to look at Skoodge, his old Training partner before Miyuki got to him. As its name states the Massive is massive. It has the finest weaponry in the universe, aside from Irk itself. That's the most important thing, of course. Minor things are the snack hall, the living quarters, the computers, communications, prison cells, teleporters, the list is endless. An Irk could live here and be content for a while just with what's on the ship. Zim wants a new ship. "What was it like to be on a new planet, Zim?"

Zim senses the whole crew eavesdropping on the conversation, trying to pick up and juicy bits of information. Zim thinks it over. It was boring. The planet would have been easily destroyed had Zim not been preoccupied with the shape and gaining knowledge. The inhabitants are defenseless aside from their pointy teeth and the strange emotion projection. They are a species who wouldn't last very long among other aliens and yet they would make good pets. Sex always sells, Zim reflects. It doesn't matter what species you are, that holds true for them all. "Interesting." Zim finally replies.

"What kinds of aliens live there?" Skoodge presses further. They didn't have a sexual relationship, Zim thinks. She was exceptionally beautiful and he is exceptionally handsome and they had good chemistry, all it would take is an order and Zim would have done whatever she wanted, but they never did any of that mating stuff. It seemed stupid to both of them. Maybe that's why it shocked Zim when Dib kept touching his lekku.

"They call themselves humans. Defenseless creatures that come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. There isn't anything particularly special about them." Except for Dib. Dib is special. He isn't like the others. Dib is smart, attractive, and has potential to become something great. "Defenseless, exotic, very emotional, low intelligence. All around the perfect pet." Pet sounds much nicer than slave. It implies that the master actually cares about the creature it owns. It implies that they are closer to being on equal ground, rather than separated by that great rift.

Tenn cuts in before Skoodge can ask, "Really? What did you intend to do with them?" He doesn't mind the questions, but they aren't from the speaker Zim wants them to come from. From the reflection on the monitor Zim sees Tenn sitting on a consol, gently kicking her legs back and forth. Her curled antennae are perked forward and her head tilted to one side. It's not at all Irken posture.

"Tenn." She freezes. "You would do well to remember Tallest Miyuki's rules." It's the only warning she will get. Otherwise Zim will be forced to make an example out of her and neither of them is in the mood for that. Tenn leaps to her feet, saluting him with her back straight. "As for what I'm going to do with them, I'll rent them out to any alien willing to pay for a good time."

"A wise decision, Zim." Skoodge speaks up from beside Tenn. "But is that all they are good for?" A question that must have plagued Tallest Miyuki for a few nights. It appears as though the crew has become more lax. Zim turns to study the two pink eyed Irken, trying to decide which one he needs the most. For things like this it would be best to have Skoodge, he has always been a loyal lackey. On the other hand Tenn is the rare female Irken and most likely the best one to raise the three Smeets Zim has now inherited. There will always be more Skoodges, but Tenns are much more difficult to find. Tenn has been Tallest Miyuki's left hand for as long as Zim has known the pink eyed Irken female. One could say she's been the maid to Tallest Miyuki, standing quietly in the shadows and learning.

Zim nods. "That is the only thing they are good for." They seem to sense that he's finished talking because they don't ask anything else. Zim eyes them for another moment before turning back to the monitor. Maybe he should have made the base accessible for Dib. Immediately Zim chastises himself for these thoughts; why have his lekku in a knot over a human? A human who is going to be his pet in a few years. At least it won't be long for Dib. Soundlessly Zim sighs. His antennae droop slightly but anyone who looks at him will probably associate it with the loss of Tallest Miyuki, not because he just left behind someone he liked on a planet he was supposed to destroy.

Zim has bigger issues to worry about than Dib. But…suppose someone comes to his planet and Dib tries to make enemies with that alien? He should put an Irken warning on it so no one comes in that galaxy itself. He makes a thoughtful noise in his throat; yes, that will work nicely. That isn't the only thing he has to do, Zim must get rid of Tallest Miyuki's body. The thought of it lying there is irritating; if there were germs on this ship they would be festering in the body. How disgusting. In a few weeks Tallest Miyuki would be nothing but the remains of rotting meat and bones. Did she know she was going to die? He wonders how old she was. Funny how he never found out, what with all of the time they spent together. Typically Irken live to be about 1000 years old. He doesn't try to convert that to human years.

And his thoughts have made full circle back to humans and that planet Earth. Its like the stupid filthy planet is pulling him towards it with more force than the Foodening at Food Courtia. Maybe the Dib did something to him like that emotion projection from earlier. Zim didn't notice it before but Dib subtly adjusted Zim's moods according to his own. It was so subtle that Zim didn't even notice it until Dib became sad and it was like you could cut through that sorrow or drown in it. Perhaps they aren't as defenseless as Zim originally thought. He supposes that if that ability is common with all humans then they can ensure that their rented owners will treat them nicely.

As long as they don't get killed Zim doesn't care. No, as long as most of them don't get killed Zim doesn't care. Speaking of death what is Zim going to do with the two Smeets of Tallest Miyuki's? He supposes that he can raise them as his own, despite the filth that their father was. Zim gives a harsh sigh at the thought of Spork. Now that he thinks of it Zim bets that Spork and Miyuki mated. Its just a guess based on no actual proof, but Tallest Miyuki was not right in her mind before she died. Uncomfortably Zim wonders if its because he left that Tallest Miyuki went insane and died. He really doesn't want to think about it.

Back to the Smeets. Zim could raise them with his own or he could let them lose on Irk to be raised as most Smeets are. But these Smeets are special and deserve more than the norm. He wonders what their names will be. Who will they look like? Will they be ruthless, intelligent, beautiful? Or will they be quiet, reserved, studious? The only ugly Irken Zim has seen are Sizz Lor, Skoodge, and Spork. All of whom have names that start with an S. He'll have to make sure that none of the three Smeets have S names.

There is so much left to do. The Control Brains will have to make Zim Tallest, they really have no choice since its common knowledge that Zim is the tallest Irken on Irk. And the most intelligent. Being handsome is just a bonus. Zim must go over all of Tallest Miyuki's information, everything in her Pak will need to be downloaded into Zim's. Well, not everything. Only a few select things; he doesn't want to catch her craziness. Then there is getting word around about the new Tallest being Miyuki's right hand Irk. He'll have to go over negations with the other planets, those both under the rule of the Irken Empire and those otherwise free; free for the moment that is. On top of that Zim now has three Smeets to raise and make sure that they do everything expected of them.

Zim will admit that it is a long list and a tedious one at that. He can already feel the headache forming beneath his skull. "Zim, we've arrived on Irk." Tenn's voice pulls him out of his thoughts. All of that before I can see Dib. Before I can take him away and deal with the other humans. Somehow his list seems to have gotten longer.
I got this done last night around 2 am, and since the computer with internet is in moms room I didnt post it. Instead I went to bed. As you can tell by me being up at 6 in the morning I didnt get much sleep.

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I-l-Artemis-l-I Oct 11, 2010   General Artist
such a fluffy fic...
Momma-Ran Oct 11, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yes. Perhaps I should change the title to ZADF. Except soon enough its not going to be fluffy. Its going to be "romantic".
Tallest-Ariva Oct 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like Zim has a lot of work ahead of him... poor guy. :(
Momma-Ran Oct 10, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah. He does.
Poor Zim it will be years for him and just a short time for Dib DX i feel bad for them T-T
Momma-Ran Oct 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
omg! aggggggg. Ya, left me hanging there, but its too cool, sweet, sad and awesome all at the same time. Very interesting with Zim having to go back to be Tallest, but I am so sad for my Dibbers, and Zim both :(. Awesome chapter though, looking forward to the next one ^_^
Momma-Ran Oct 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Haha thank you. I'm sad for them too. Its a long time to go without each other.
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